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The idea behind having blogs section is to gather the valuable information realated to making or construction of Home in one place.The valuable information related to making home is shared in the form of blog by different people on their experience of making home.

Any visitor can contribute or share their experience.The blogs can be written by an Architect,an Engineer, Interor Designer,Structural Consultant,Builder or anyone one who is involved in construction of their own dream home.The topics of blogs can be floor planning,interior design or decoration, elevation, selection of construction material,painting, buying or selling a house or flat, advice on property documents,registration of property etc.Any topic that you feel will be helpful to someone.

This section of Blogs will definitely help people to get benefited by learning through the home making experience of other people.We need your support to help people getting as much information as possible on making their dream home.To share your experience as blog, please send an email to us

Below are the latest blogs posted.Click & read them to see what info it has for you.